At some point, everyone ends up organising a party! Wether it be a Wedding, Birthday or Corporate do, we know how much work goes into the planning and preparation to ensure your guests enjoy the day, but so do you!

In this weeks blog, take advantage of our party planning check list and learn how to to plan your event, whilst keeping to a budget!

Save the date! 📝

When organising an event, its really important to think of a date that is achievable, considers the festive holidays & also fits around your regular schedule. Planning a party on the weekend is usually the preferred choice. Majority of your guests will have Monday to Friday jobs or commitments that will sometimes make it hard for them to attend. Saturday is usually the best time for a party, a Sunday for most means work the next day, so if you are organising drinks for the evening, the party might end early and no one wants that…

Invite your guests.. 👫

It’s essential to invite your guests well in advance to make sure they have enough time to save the date, if you invite everybody a week before, its highly unlikely you will have a full turn out! Sending invitations work well for different styles of event like a Wedding or family gathering however Facebook and other social platforms are fast becoming the most favoured way to gather everyone together, and keep everyone updated if there are any major changes!

Keeping your guests topped up 🍸

Having a bar at your event is not only good fun and will most likely wow your guests, it also helps take some pressure away, allowing you to host your party and entertain, whilst enjoying yourself at the same time! After all, you did organise it! Making cocktails? Our menu includes some of the easiest yet impressive cocktails which do not only taste amazing, but don’t break the bank either!

Choosing a theme 🎩

A themed event let’s your guests dress to impress and also sets the mood for the party. Heres a few of our favourites we have had the pleasure of celebrating over the past year.

  • Fancy dress
  • Great Gatsby 
  • Masquerade
  • Hawaiian
  • Casino night 

Of course, any party will go down well, so long as you have your friends and or family there, being with the ones you love is key!

Catering for your guests 🍴

At some point during the party, your guests will need to eat! Working with tons of catering companies, it’s safe to say that everybody has their own preferred style of food and you can never please everybody! Having nibbles for when your guests arrive is a life saver, keeping them busy and allowing you to show off your cooking skills! When it comes to a main course, a buffet always works well and you can find a range of catering companies that will provide many options for all of your guests!

Keeping stocked up.. 🍻

Having a party does have its responsibilities and one of the main problems we have noticed at various events is the client can sometimes under estimate how much food, drink and glasses are required for a party! Plan out what you need and how many guests you anticipate. The last thing you need are guests feeling hungry and thirsty because you didn’t provide enough stock! As the saying goes.. “Its better to have too much than not enough!” *Need help with numbers? We provide our customers with shopping lists for all drinks needed for an event to ensure we do not run out on the night! Contact us today and we would be happy to help.

Enjoying your evening! 🎉

Make sure you remember the reason you organised this event in the first place. To have fun.. Don’t take on too much and realise that its always ok to ask for help, your friends will be supportive and would most likely love to get stuck in to the planning!