When it comes to the bar, the last thing you need is running out of drink! To ensure you don’t run out and at the same time go overboard, heres a few tips to give you an idea on what you will need!

Number of guests

If you were to invite 100 people to your birthday party that lasts from 7pm until 12pm you will need to work out an average of how much they will drink per hour. 80 people drink alcohol, 20 don’t. 30 of the 80 people will probably only drink beer, with the remaining 50 sticking to wine & spirits.. If you know your guests well, this shouldn’t be too hard to work out!

How much will they drink?

On average, most of your guests will drink 1 – 2 drinks per hour. Some maybe less and some possibly will drink more, either way this is a healthy average to go by. Now that you have worked out the number of drinks and number of guests, its time to see how much drink you actually need to supply.


Wine: a 750ml wine bottle contains 6 small glasses (125ml) and when buying multiples, you will save money purchasing by the case (6 bottles)

Beer: Beer bottles usually come in cases of 15-20 in supermarkets. Cans contain more and get warm a lot faster and from experience, people end up leaving them scattered around the party, knowing the free bar has a fresh cold beer waiting for them!

Spirits: Buying by the litre helps to save money, but also makes it easier to work out how many drinks a bottle will make. the new standard single measure of spirit is 25ml. As an example, 1 litre of vodka will make 40 vodka & cokes.

Mobile Bar benefits

Hire a mobile bar & save on stock, wastage & regulate your guests pouring! Having staff in control of your drink means less wastage, with no free pouring large and unnecessary measures. It also helps to take the pressure away from you when you should be hosting and entertaining your guests.

Sale or return

If you’re still not sure what to get, sale or return is the way forward! Most places now offer this service and as long as no packaging is opened, they will give you a full refund. This is especially best if you want to supply a wider variety of drinks but are worried about having enough, after all it’s better to have too much than not enough!

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