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Cash Bars

Toast to a Simpler Solution: Pay-per-Sip!

We Serve. You Save.

Choose Flexibility, Serve Variety.

Opt for The Bar People’s Cash Bar to give your guests a delightful choice of drinks while keeping your budget intact. We manage all aspects of the bar, ensuring everyone gets their favorite beverage with ease.

  • Cost-Effective Option with Guests Paying Individually
  • Extensive Beverage Menu Tailored to Suit All Tastes
  • Licensed to Serve Alcohol at Any Venue
  • Professional Bar Staff to Ensure Efficient Service
  • Includes All Necessary Bar Equipment and Setup
  • Seamless Integration with Your Event’s Theme and Style
  • Experienced Team for Hassle-Free Bar Management
  • Legal Compliance with All Alcohol Service Regulations
  • Optional Drink Tickets or Vouchers Available for Pre-Purchase
  • Adaptable to Guest Count and Event Size

Cash Bar Solutions

Please be aware that our cash bar services are subject to availability and may vary based on the date, location, and specific requirements of your event. Factors such as delivery conditions and additional setup or breakdown timings may also impact the provision of our services. For a tailored experience that perfectly suits your needs, For a personalised experience, we encourage you to speak with one of our team members to customise your package.

50 Guests | Unlimited hrs | Cash Bar

£495/ex VAT

package info

This package offers a complete cash bar solution that includes a diverse selection of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails. Our professional staff ensures each guest enjoys top-tier service in an intimate setting, making every drink purchase a personal treat.

What you’ll get
  • 2 x Bar People

  • All Inclusive Drink

  • Full Customisable Bar Menu

  • Garnishes | Consumables

  • 5FT Mobile Bar

  • Fridge | Ice | Glassware

Popular For Weddings

100 Guests | Unlimited hrs | Cash Bar

£895/ex VAT

package info

this package features a well-equipped cash bar capable of serving up to 100 guests. With a wider selection of premium beverages and efficient, friendly bartenders, this option keeps the drinks flowing and the spirits high at larger gatherings.

what you’ll get
  • 4 x Bar People

  • All Inclusive Drink
  • Full Customisable Bar Menu

  • Garnishes | Consumables

  • 15FT Mobile Bar

  • Fridge | Ice | Glassware

250 Guests | Unlimited hrs | Cash Bar

£1495/ex VAT

package info

This package provides an expansive cash bar setup complete with an extensive menu of drinks. Capable of catering to up to 250 guests, We ensure swift service with more staff, making it easy for guests to enjoy the service without long waits.

what you’ll get
  • 6 x Bar People

  • All Inclusive Drink

  • Full Customisable Bar Menu

  • Garnishes | Consumables

  • 30FT Mobile Bar

  • 2 x Fridge | Ice | Glassware

Having trouble deciding which package to choose? Speak to our team for a detailed comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out ☺️

What happens if the cash bar sales do not meet the minimum requirement?2024-05-03T17:02:08+01:00

If bar sales do not meet the agreed minimum, the host may be required to cover the difference. Specific details can be tailored to your event’s contract.

Can a cash bar be combined with other bar service options?2024-05-03T17:01:51+01:00

Yes, a cash bar can be combined with a token or voucher system where the host provides a certain number of free drinks before switching to a cash bar.

How do you ensure responsible drinking at a cash bar?2024-05-03T17:01:33+01:00

Our professional bartenders are trained to serve alcohol responsibly and monitor consumption to ensure a safe environment for all guests.

What licenses are required for a cash bar at an event?2024-05-03T17:01:16+01:00

We handle all the necessary licensing for alcohol service at your event, complying with all local regulations.

Is there a fee for setting up a cash bar?2024-05-03T17:00:48+01:00

We charge a setup fee that covers the cost of bar setup, staffing, and equipment. This fee varies based on the size and specifics of the event.

How many bartenders will be provided for a cash bar?2024-05-03T17:00:31+01:00

The number of bartenders provided depends on the expected number of guests to ensure efficient service. Typically, one bartender is provided for every 50-75 guests.

Do you require a minimum revenue guarantee for cash bar services?2024-05-03T17:00:14+01:00

Yes, we typically have a minimum sales requirement for cash bar services, which can be discussed during the planning of your event.

Are cash and card payments accepted at the cash bar?2024-05-03T16:59:50+01:00

Absolutely! Our cash bars are equipped to accept both cash and credit/debit card payments.

Can we customise the drink menu for the cash bar?2024-05-03T16:59:33+01:00

Yes, you can tailor the drink menu to your event’s theme or preferences, choosing from a selection of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails.

What is a cash bar service?2024-05-03T16:59:14+01:00

A cash bar service allows guests to purchase their own drinks during the event. We provide the bar, staff, and beverages; guests pay per drink.

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